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Hedging the Commodity Markets

What is Hedging? "Hedging", a common practice of farming cooperatives, insures against a poor harvest by purchasing futures contracts in the same commodity.

Learn all about hedging the commodity markets in this informative Power Point presentation.


Professionally Managed Futures

With practically a zero correlation with stocks, one of the most attractive features of managed futures is its ability to add diversification to an overall investment portfolio. The ability of futures to enhance the returns of traditional investments has been documented in a study conducted by Goldman Sachs. Covering a 25-year period, the study concluded that by "allocating only 10% of a securities portfolio to commodities, investors can vastly improve their performance."

Learn more from this informative Power Point presentation.


Vision Wealth Management Guide

Vision Investment Advisors (“VIA”) is a private portfolio and money management company, providing financial advice and services to a broad range of clients. VIA provides high net worth individuals with personal attention and customized financial strategies to help achieve their goals. Risk management is our foremost concern.

Learn more from this informative Power Point presentation.


Introducing Broker Guide 2009

Providing unparalleled back office service and helping IBs grow their business in whatever areas they desire is our primary focus. Vision’s roots go back over 20 years.

Learn more from this informative Power Point presentation.


Vision Investment Advisors

Learn how to design an investment portfolio to potentially profit in any market environment by utilizing Modern Portfolio Theory and Alternative Investment Strategies.

Learn more from this informative Power Point presentation.


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